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  • $3.99

    Dis que tu as envie de moi pour toute la vie

    Price Listed: eBook at Amazon -- Austin Sinclair, coureur de jupons notoire, avait juré qu’il ne tomberait jamais amoureux. Pourtant, il finira par changer d’avis après sa rencontre avec sa Janie chérie. Ils vivent donc heureux jusqu’au jour où un événement inattendu vient jeter le trouble dans leur vie. Austin veut à tout prix reconquérir Janie, mais il échoue lamentablement. Il lui a dit si souvent qu’il l’aimait qu’elle ne le
  • $1.99

    Enemies of the State – A Steven Cabbott Short Story

    As civil war threatens to rip America apart, Steven Cabbott yearns only for redemption and a good night’s rest. Two young dissident leaders may hold the key to Steven’s absolution, and to peace, but the government is poised to abduct them. Faced with near impossible odds, Steven must extract the dissidents, but he encounters treachery at every turn, and he’s running out of time. Can he keep his personal demons in check long
  • $4.99

    Shroud of Eden

    Available Directly as $4.99 eBook, and Autographed Paperback and Hardcover are coming soon.... -- Disgraced starship captain, Scott Drumond, finds a space-time distortion in the Hyades star cluster that forms a barrier to ordinary matter. When he finds an opening, he chances passage and discovers a strange colony of humans. They hold a secret that will help him depose a renegade admiral who rules Earth, and to defeat aliens swarming out
  • $4.99

    They Tell Me You Are Wicked

    Available Directly as $4.99 eBook, and Autographed Paperback is coming soon.... -- Duncan Cochrane is set on being the next governor of Illinois, until his daughter is murdered six weeks before the election. Then the candidate can only focus on finding her killer. As the police investigation follows a trio of unlikely leads, Duncan realizes that his best shot at justice is the bully pulpit of the campaign trail.
  • $3.99

    Whispers of the Serpent

    Available Directly as $3.99 eBook, and Autographed Paperback is coming soon.... -- Who is murdering babies in the Baltimore/D.C. area? For Zoë Delante, police clairvoyant, things gets personal when her one-year-old niece ends up missing. Someone is using magick to control and kidnap people, and they keep finding strange scales at all the crime scenes. Armed with stronger magick and new allies, everyone’s favorite Wiccan races to unravel this mystery. But
  • $3.99

    Destined for Genius

    Kurt Langston spent one night of hot, decadent sex with the love of his life. But she chose someone else. He’s sworn off relationships for good, preferring the company of online friends he’s never met, his only connections made through the internet. So when Destiny falls into his arms—literally—he lets her go. Love has no place in his life plan. But their paths intersect again and again, and they can’t keep their hands
  • $0.99

    Hurlock the Warrior King – A Short Story

    Price Listed: Amazon (eBook) -- Hurlock leads an army against the evil mage Kahster, who is hiding behind a strange fog that suffocates the small town of Ashcroft. As Hurlock fights his way toward the sorcerer, he is faced with a difficult choice: be a leader, or become lost in the fog forever.
  • $19.95

    The Children of Darkness

    Available Directly as $19.95 Autographed Paperback (Shipping Included) -- A thousand years ago the Darkness came—a terrible time of violence, fear, and social collapse when technology ran rampant. But the vicars of the Temple of Light brought peace, ushering in an era of blessed simplicity. In the prisons of Temple City, childhood friends, Orah and Nathaniel, discover a terrible secret that launches the three on a journey to find the
  • Free

    A Chink in the Armor – A Short Story of Job

    Price Listed: Smashwords (eBook) -- **FREE** at most retailers -- Blessed by the gods, Job has never lost a battle. He has triumphed over every challenge from man and nature. Arrogant? Yes, but he's invincible. Or is he?
  • $3.99

    Intrigue at Sandy Point

    When a CIA agent is murdered at the idyllic seaside resort of Sandy Point, Martin and Claire are despatched to investigate. They uncover a plot with international implications and go from one end of the country to the other to stop those responsible. Fast cars, planes and helicopters aid them in their race against time to avert this threat to world peace.
  • From: $3.99

    Darla Decker Shakes the State

    Available Directly as $3.99 eBook or $17.95 Autographed Paperback (Shipping Included) -- Seventh grade starts on a hopeful note when Darla Decker and the Fairmount Fifteen are invited to the State Show Choir Competition at Coaster Kingdom. Although she’s made a no-dating bet with Nate, she’s jealous of her friend Reggie’s cell phone, and her parents are constantly at each other’s throats, Darla remains determined to make seventh grade the best
  • $2.99

    The Soulbound Curse – Part 3

    eBook Only: Available Directly for $2.99 -- Clae is on the brink of finding his Soulbound human and ensuring his bond with his soul’s host doesn’t break. His cousin Marik has finally managed to track him down, but Marik might already be too late to reverse the damage Clae has done to his people.