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  • $2.99

    The Soulbound Curse – Part 3

    eBook Only: Available Directly for $2.99 -- Clae is on the brink of finding his Soulbound human and ensuring his bond with his soul’s host doesn’t break. His cousin Marik has finally managed to track him down, but Marik might already be too late to reverse the damage Clae has done to his people.
  • $2.99

    Grave Error

    Price Listed: Amazon (eBook) -- Tess and her dog take a walk and discover a ghost... and a mystery. Now Tess must help her new friend by investigating and solving an old crime.
  • $0.99

    Smoking Gunn – A Trashy Quickie

    Price Listed: Amazon (eBook) -- Max Gunn lives a trouble-making, hell raising, rock star life—no good for any woman—and he’s okay with that. He’s been in love before, but never for long, until stripper goddess Blaze grabs ahold of his wayward heart, and he can’t shake it off. Can he do something crazy and have more than a fling with her? Or has he done too much damage already?
  • From: $2.99

    The Prince’s Plight

    Available Directly as $2.99 eBook or $17.95 Autographed Paperback (Shipping Included) -- After defeating Maleer, the people of Balderdash work to expand their kingdom by exploring the vast caverns in search of more graveyards. Although Hurlock and the shaman have adopted Kaylan, few in Balderdash trust the prince.
  • $0.99

    Roland the Pirate Knight – A Short Story

    Price Listed: Amazon (eBook) -- Roland joins a misfit crew of pirates led by Captain Oakheel, who is trying to become the leader of the Bloodband Pirates. As Roland stands on the edge of a plank during this pirate action-adventure, he wonders if it will be water or deck that ends up below his feet.
  • $2.99

    The Soulbound Curse – Part 2

    eBook Only: Available Directly for $2.99 -- The half-blooded amüli Clae has escaped to Earth, enraging both the Amüli Republic’s ruling body and his cousin Marik, whose wife spurs him into hunting Clae down. Unfortunately Marik must consort with soul-eating creatures known as denayn and bring them to the only place where amüli souls still thrive—Earth.
  • $3.99

    Wind Catcher

    Available Directly as $19.95 Autographed Paperback (Shipping Included) -- Juliet Wildfire Stone stands between two worlds. All she wants to be is an average sixteen-year-old girl, but she has never been average—could never be average. She is the Chosen and the Seeker Slayer, and our only hope. When the mysterious Seeker learns of Juliet’s existence, he threatens everyone she loves in the world, willing to kill to have her. Betrayed by
  • $19.95

    Frendyl Krune and the Blood of the Sun

    Available Directly as $19.95 Autographed Paperback (Shipping Included) -- Only a gem made from the blood of the first amüli king can save Frendyl Krune’s family from losing everything they’ve worked for—including ending the reign of a pretender to the throne.
  • $2.99

    The Soulbound Curse – Part 1

    eBook Only: Available Directly for $2.99 -- Clae has always dreamed of being a knight for the Amüli Republic, but to serve his people, he must first venture to Earth and find the Soulbound human that hosts his soul. Yet this may never come to pass, as the amüli government believes Clae is behind the Unsouled stillbirths plaguing the Republic.
  • $3.99

    Two Moons of Sera

    Information on Autographed Paperback Coming Soon -- In a world where water and earth teem with life, Serafay is an anomaly. The result of genetic experiments on her mother’s water-borne line, Serafay will have to face the very people responsible for her mother’s torture to discover who she really is. But is she the only one?
  • $0.99

    Moon Dust – A “Two Moons of Sera” Short Story

    Nilafay spends her time beneath the ocean's surface either swimming in the depths or in the artificial atmosphere of the Domed City. Despite the rules of her amphibian race, she longs to explore the world above. On the day before her wedding to the Sualwet man of her dreams, Nilafay finally wanders too far and learns just what the others had been warning her about.
  • $2.99

    The Clumsy Magician

    Price Listed: Amazon (eBook) -- Ryan wishes for nothing more than to be able to perform real magic. What he doesn't know is the price he will have to pay to use such magic.